A root canal retreatment is a dental procedure that is performed when a previously treated root canal has failed to heal or has become re-infected. The procedure involves removing the filling material from the previous root canal treatment and cleaning the canals again to remove any remaining infection or debris.

A root canal retreatment is similar to the original root canal treatment in that we will use specialized tools to clean the inside of the tooth and the root canals. Once the canals are clean, we will fill them with a new filling material and seal the tooth.

There are several reasons why a root canal may fail or become re-infected, such as incomplete cleaning of the canals during the initial treatment, development of new decay or damage to the tooth, or a cracked or leaking filling. Symptoms of a failed root canal may include pain, swelling, and sensitivity to temperature or pressure.

If you have had a root canal treatment in the past and are experiencing symptoms of a failed root canal, your dentist may recommend a root canal retreatment.